Business Insurance

Business Insurance


Businesses change drastically as the years go by, has yours been getting the due attention it deserves? 40 percent of small business are either uninsured or underinsured and are at risk of paying out of pocket for damages in the event of a loss, said by a business management consultant recently.

To avoid this potential gamble with the future of your business, be sure to review your business insurance policy routinely to ensure you have the coverage you need. Just as your business changes over time, so do insurance policies adjust and adapt. Risks that can cause them to fluctuate can include your number of employees, owned assets, location, services, and more. This is not a set-it-and-forget-it plan.

A policy review can not only help you find these coverage gaps, but can identify any mistakes you have originally overlooked, and uncover possible discounts that might be available for the taking.
Remember a few key events that will always spark a policy review:

A new employee means growth for your company, yet it also could mean it’s time for additional workers’ compensation coverage. Make sure you won’t need to worry about those medical bills in case your prized employee gets hurt while on the job.

New services to meet the ever-growing needs of the consumer can be great for your bottom dollar and PR, just be sure all that new equipment or delivery vehicles have professional liability coverage.

A new store front or expansion is amazing! Just remember your new inventory and equipment, not to mention the signage and property you will need to cover as well.

You never know when they might strike. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and fires remind us to double check for natural-disaster coverages. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to plan for these events and have your emergency-preparedness plan in place for your business as well.

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We will be staying informed with the most up to date information to keep our clients and friends aware of changes.


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Getting to Know LeeAnn Bentley


Getting to Know LeeAnn Bentley

Office Mgr./Customer Service Representative (CSR)


What is your biggest motivator?
I should say the normal line like…my motivation for doing things is my family, friends, etc. Which definitely are a major influence and do help to drive me, but in all honesty, what drives me the most is me. I want to succeed in life because I believe that first and foremost you should always try to make yourself happy. If you don’t? You’ll never truly be.
When I was young my father always told me that if something is worth wanting then it’s worth working for. I took those words to heart and have ran with them ever since. I work towards a goal because I love the challenge and strive to be the best me that I can be!

How do you handle Work/Life Balance?
This is essential today. Of course in the insurance industry every second counts and sometimes we find ourselves in a crunch; but with young children and a husband that has crazy work hours himself that needs the support, I need to be available for them. I have the opportunity here at Beatrice Insurance to have work hours that parallel my children’s school hours so I am available to be with them after school and at night. With the ability to have my work email on my phone and my laptop with me all the time it is easy to bounce back and forth between these two worlds creating the perfect balance for me.

Why did you decide on the insurance industry?
History, Marketing, Law. All things I have degrees in and fields I have worked in. All things which require me to be able to think fast with crucial decision making, do vast amounts or research, and be comfortable with multiple daily interactions with clients and companies. Yet one thing I’ve always loved about any job I’ve had is being challenged, and the insurance industry does just that. Coming into this industry with little to no experience I had to learn quickly the ins and outs of what it takes to be a CSR in today’s ever changing market and I’ve thrived in it. The challenge of it only motivates me to do my best and strive to learn more, grow, and perfect my current skills. I’ve found that I truly enjoy my work and will continue to stay with Beatrice Insurance for many years to come.

Your Biggest Insurance Challenge?
Honestly it is the day to day in an ever changing and evolving market that is the biggest challenge. Being able to keep up with every group, every plan, every carrier, is a challenge in itself. Then you also must stay up to date with the ever changing laws and plan designs. I find that reading weekly updates, reorganizing my files, and way of quoting groups is something that I must evolve and work with as part of my job. It is a must to make sure that our clients are being well informed and given the best quotes possible. Even though challenging I find that I like it because if nothing ever changes then there would be no room for my own personal growth in my own skills and potential for new opportunities for our clients.

Life Happens. Be Prepared!

Throughout my childhood, as throughout most, I was fascinated with sports. Growing up I played catcher in baseball and a running back in football.  I remember coaches in both sports telling me “in your position you are the ‘Coach’ on the field.” From then on, I took their words to heart and have done my best to be a leader both on and off the field in every aspect of life.

Shortly after I turned 13 I became an insulin dependent, or Type I, diabetic.  This had a tremendous impact on me. Most teenagers see no end to their lives; I no longer knew how much time I had left.  I went from being invincible–as we all were growing up–to developing the realization that I was vulnerable and could be hurt, ill, or die at any time.

Not wanting to feel any worse than the diabetes made me aware of, on not only a daily basis, but also a moment-to- moment basis, I soon stopped playing sports.  But I never forgot the lessons I learned along the way.  Such as:

  • Leadership
  • Getting up when Knocked Down
  • Focus on the Bigger Picture
  • Discipline, and
  • Teamwork

As a frequent patient of the medical community, I soon realized, how fractured the system is. The lack of communication or teamwork between the doctors, nurses, dieticians, patient, and insurance carriers leads to fractured care, higher overall medical expenses through repeated tests in defensive medical practice and higher out of pocket costs for patients.  The frustration of the system both as a high risk patient and an insurance professional led initially to a lot of frustration both personally and professionally.  I realized that there was a void in the system, rather, no coach on this playing field, and it would be my job to fill it.

Our bodies are complex systems and as my father would say, “You only know what you know”.  So, while an Endocrinologist knows diabetes they have to send you to a Cardiologist if you have heart related issues.  If the two of them do not communicate, then there is waste in repeated testing, frustration by the patient and higher costs to the patient and insurance carriers.

I started to ask myself “Where is the coach?” and “Who is watching the overall system?”  All parties involved are just as “guilty”, the patients, medical community and insurance carriers for not doing their part to the benefit of the end user… the patient.  In a fractured system the team players are across town; they aren’t client centered with rewards for improved behavior and outcomes.  They are all independent and yet very much inter-related.  I began to realize that as the end user, I needed to become the coach.

At Beatrice Insurance Agency (BIA), I took those lessons I learned in sports and dealing with one of the dreaded diseases (Diabetes) into how I run my business and how we treat our clients.  We are a client-focused agency.

At BIA we want to be your coach in the insurance industry.  It is our job to understand where you are, hear and listen to where you want to be, and then develop strategies on how to get you there, utilizing the strengths of your team.  It is also the coach’s job to revisit the progress along the way, through education, personalization, wellness and changing behavior by bringing in the appropriate “specialists” in Financial Planning, Health insurance, and Property and Casualty along the way, looking at your overall well-being. It is our job to help you win.

Life happens. Be prepared!