Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter

Open enrollment for individuals begins November 1st. With this enrollment comes many new changes. In 2017 Kentucky will no longer use the state exchange, KYNECT. Kentucky individuals will be using the federal exchange, Healthcare.gov.

In Kentucky; Aetna, Wellcare, UHC and Baptist Health will be exiting the exchange. In Ohio; InHealth, Aetna and UHC are exiting the exchange. Although some carriers, UHC, are exiting the individual markets completely; other carriers, such as Aetna, will offer plans off the exchange. We are here to help you find the best on or off exchange plan to best suit your needs.

The 2017 enrollment period end January 31st. You must enroll by this date to ensure you get into a qualified health plan.

Under new HHS guidelines for 2017, the exchange will “endeavor to” automatically re-enroll you into a plan from another exchange carrier that’s the closest match to the coverage you had previously.

We are available to help you navigate all the new changes and plans.

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