Who is your biggest role model?

As I sit and ponder about my greatest role model (and I do have a few), the greatest role model that sticks out the most is my father, George Beatrice.  My father has been the role model who has helped me the most in life and in business.  He taught me the values of working hard, making a difference, looking for ways to make some money, all while having fun. He has taught me no matter how you go about your career; you at least need to have fun while helping people.  Watching him in his career and being a business owner made me want to follow in his footsteps and own my own business.   As I have been working to accomplish my goals I have kept my father and his personal advice and business advice in the forefront.  I have always seen him as a fair and honest man who worked hard to help others. By doing so he has earned much respect from me and the business community.  He has not only helped me in the business world, but also coached me throughout my youth and sports life.  He was my baseball coach. Neither he, nor my mother ever missed a game.

I would be mistaken if I did not also talk more about the impact my mother, Barbara Beatrice, has had on me. An artist, sculptor and entrepreneur, she is the owner of Barbara Beatrice Art Studio in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.  My mother has always been a nourishing, confident, and driven person.  She’s not afraid to dream big, talk little, but  continue to be a big driving force behind the successes of her husband and children.

My parents have raised the bar high in defining success, but I work towards trying to do the same each day.

Biggest motivators?

My biggest motivators are first and foremost to be happy and healthy.  I also want to make a difference and touch others’ lives in my work and personal life.  I want to make a difference wherever I can.

What is your favorite success story?

There are several that come to mind, but one that resonates with me.  I pride myself on helping business owners over the years make decisions to help their businesses and employees.  I work hard to simplify the health insurance industry and tried to take care of the business owners, their business partners, and their employees.  I have helped many businesses achieve their goals by finding solutions to their complex health care situation, and helped them save while being a part of their advisory team.

The day I knew I would succeed in business was well into my fourth year at Beatrice Insurance Agency when I was called a “Mentor” by one of my own team members.  She probably does not know that she wrote this down and how it has impacted me so profoundly. I’m encouraged to want to do more growing, even building Beatrice Insurance Agency into an even larger agency.  It meant the world to me to hear that, and has helped me see that I can make a difference.  In my personal and business life I try to simplify things, trying to remain positive, being an effective communicator and person.  This can be a difficult task at times but one that always remains as one of my first priorities.

I have changed the ways in which I think about myself, not only am I an insurance agent, business owner, mentor, job creator.  I am a strategist, a father, brother and son, and husband.  I know I have a group of people that depend on me, look up to me and want to learn and be near me.  Not only has being a mentor taught me to teach others, but it has also taught me daily to listen and value others’ opinions and strategies.