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Frequently Asked Questions 

What effect does my credit history have on my insurance?
Many insurers consider consumer credit information as part of their underwriting process and, for those that do, your credit history may have an affect on the premium charged. However, insurers are prohibited from rejecting an application for insurance solely on the basis of credit information and from using credit in any way to terminate a policy or increase the premium on a renewal policy. Insurers are required to disclose the use of credit information to their policyholders.

What discounts are available?
While all insurers are required to offer certain mandatory discounts (such as for vehicles equipped with air bags, anti-lock brakes or daytime running lights, or for taking a DMV approved Accident Prevention Course), many insurers have a wide range of other discounts that may also be applicable to you. Ask the insurer or producer about the discounts offered by the insurer to see if you qualify or could qualify for any of the available discounts.

Are there any ways to reduce my premium with regard to youthful drivers?
Various insurers offer discounts geared toward youthful drivers. You may qualify for a reduced premium, if a youthful driver attends college over 100 miles away (i.e. “resident student”), meets certain academic requirements (i.e. “good student”), or has taken a driver’s education course.

Would my policy be non-renewed if I’m involved in an accident or convicted of a moving violation?
This depends on your insurer’s underwriting guidelines. Generally, an insurer is allowed to non-renew up to approximately 2% of its policies per year based on objective criteria. Insurers are required to provide a notice stating the specific reason for non-renewal of the policy. You should also be aware that your premium is likely to be increased for a three-year period via a surcharge if you’re convicted of certain traffic violations (e.g. speeding more than 15 MPH over the legal limit, leaving the scene of an accident without reporting or driving while intoxicated).

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