We are here to provide you with the highest level of customer service to ensure your needs are handled correctly and quickly. We are here to help you through any changes you may need in your policy.

If it is after business hours, please call the company on your policy. Your policy will include a 24-hour claim reporting number and these numbers are also listed on our Payment & Claim Center page. Prior to calling, please have your policy number available for the claims adjuster. You can also call us at 859-918-6720 to report a claim.

Please keep in mind that coverage cannot be bound by email, voice, or fax. Coverage will only be bound with written notification from our office. We are here to help you if you happen to experience a loss.



Questions to ask yourself

I do not have disability insurance, but do I really need it if no one is disabled?

I haven’t had time saving for retirement because of bills and my family, but we still have time right?

Do I really need long term care if I’m still able to work and still have several years before I retire?

Is my Retirement income guaranteed forever?

I don’t have a backup plan if something happens and I become disabled what should I do?

If you have any questions similar to these please contact us. Life happens – so let us help you prepare!