Just a brief note of Thanks for steering my wife and I to the Plan F Supplement for Medicare. Two years ago I did not have an ache. However, over the past two years my wife and I have had to have a lot of procedures including surgeries. This is one of the best plans you ever sold us! I hope you are doing well and in as good of health as possible.  
- Ray and Sharon K.


 Bob Beatrice and his staff are great to work with. They diligently work to find the right solution for your needs.  
- Joe V.


 Turning 65 and joining Medicare is a bit challenging. Read, research and try to understand the material on your own. Then, before you make your selections, I recommend you contact Beatrice Insurance Agency for their help and guidance. You will get the best advice available from someone who specializes in navigating the new health care laws.  
- Don E.


 Beatrice Insurance Agency is a very important member of my business team. Their ability to provide multiple insurance solutions for my employees and me has set them apart from other insurance agencies. Bob and his staff have always been attentive and proactive in dealing with my business’s insurance needs. They are customer oriented and very professional. I have and would recommend Beatrice Insurance Agency to friends, family, and colleagues.  
- Dr. Jack L. DMD


 I wanted to thank you and your company for the outstanding service we receive on a continuing basis. Every time I call I get a quick and helpful response. I always feel confident that the products we receive from you are the best available for my company's needs. That is rare in today's busy marketplace. So I wanted to take a second to let you know how valuable your service is to our company.  
- Wayne S.


 Bob Beatrice and his team stay current on the ever changing healthcare industry. They are client-centered and continually seek input on how they can better serve our company needs.  
- Stephanie W.


 Bob Beatrice and his team stay current on the ever changing healthcare industry. They are client-centered and continually seek input on how they can better serve our company needs.  
- Rob & Denise L.


 Extremely professional health insurance advisor.  
- Bill A.


 Very kind people and very focused on helping the customer and also in a timely manner. Sincere individuals.  
- Jeff L.


 Beatrice Insurance Agency sure impressed us. We recently purchased another property and needed insurance coverage. Rather than staying with our previous carrier, Bob Beatrice saved us a lot of money switching to a different carrier that provided superior coverage. Additionally, we asked Bob to evaluate our auto coverage. Again, he saved us money with even superior coverage. Not to leave out health insurance, Beatrice Insurance Agency also ensures we have the best coverage available, plus supports and represents my parents Medicare supplemental needs. Thanks Bob, for the support you and your team continues to provide!  
- Greg C.


 I know I’ve got someone on my side with Bob Beatrice. I’ve worked with him for years. Recently and after many attempts, I was finally able to put a health insurance plan together for my work staff/crews. Thanks Bob!  
- BJ D.


 We have purchased our health insurance for many years from Beatrice Insurance Agency. They have always looked for a competitive plan and provided us with the best personal service. I can confidently recommend them for all your insurance needs.  
- Denise S.


 I have been working with the Beatrice Insurance Agency (BIA) for quite some time. Before going to BIA, I had been with another agent for over 20 years. I was not satisfied with the level of service with my prior agent nor the timeliness of responses to questions. I switched to BIA and have never looked back. BIA has been there for me on all of my insurance needs. I have multiple investment properties, vehicles and a boat. BIA has provided policies for me for all of them and my personal home. I feel well protected by BIA. The entire team at BIA is friendly and responsive. All team members are knowledgeable and provide me with a sense of full understanding. I would recommend BIA to my colleagues and friends.  
- Matthew D.


 We have worked with Beatrice Insurance Agency for our Employee Benefits Package for many years. They help us simplify the complex healthcare system and provide a personal touch in negotiating rates and in helping our employees when they have questions about their plan. We would recommend Beatrice Insurance Agency to our friends and colleagues.  
- Mark F.


 We have been working with Bob and his team for many years, and their service has always been top notch. The entire team has been attentive to our needs and refreshingly takes the time to explain all of our insurance options. As a small business owner, it is imperative to have trusted partners that will look out for your best interest. For over a decade Bob and his team have had our best interests in mind.  
- Tyler H.